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A house is built from the ground up. Any mistake will follow construction all the way through a project. Mistakes multiply. Guided by our reputation we are unwilling to accept a mistake. We have multiple teams of proven craftsman, tradesmen and suppliers who understand our brand of perfection. We do not compromise. We build the old fashioned way, installing steel in our concrete footings, foundations and floors. We hand select hardwoods, we use high-grade energy efficient windows and appliances, we use quality longevity proven paint products, we back prime interior and exterior millwork. We join all of our woodwork with biscuits, we dovetail our drawers. Our hardwood floors are sanded and finished to a higher standard. Our doors are made of thicker wood. Our driveways, tennis courts and swimming pools are prepared to last for decades. Our laser-focused management team is experienced, honest and unwavering in our goal, perfection and most of all obtaining our clients’ referral at projects completion.